Want To Pick A Song?

Updated: Feb 2

Hi there Folks! 

Have you ever wanted to pick a song for me to sing? 

Do you like vinyl records?

Yes and yes?

Well, you’ll love this! 

I want to record a song of YOUR choosing straight onto vinyl and send it to you! 

I'll be headed to the east coast and back to the Carolinas in April.

There I’ll be partnering with The American Sound Truck ( out of Asheville, NC to record songs of your choosing. These songs will be recorded straight to vinyl, signed with a special note, and sent straight to you!

Sound like something you’d be interested in? 

This project is a fundraiser for an album I want to record.

The money I make selling these 45s will be set back for recording an album of original music. This album I want to record is fully written, just waiting to get the money to record it how I’d like to. I can’t wait for you all to hear these songs that I’ve written from the heart about loss, people, love, and struggle.

Pick a song for me to sing! 

$60 - Includes a signed vinyl record of me playing a song of your choosing & a special note from me. 

Pick your favorite song off of “Under The Willow” for a solo, live version! 

$45 - Includes a signed vinyl record of me playing a song of your choosing (Off of “Under The Willow”) & a special note from me.

Please send me an email at if this is something you’d be interested in and share with your friends! I’d love to put your name on this list and learn the song you’d like me to sing. 

Thank you for all the support and love y’all have shown me in 2019. I can’t wait for the music 2020 will bring! 

All the love,

Xaris Waltman 

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