Xaris Waltman was born in Pensacola, Florida. At a young age she picked up the guitar. Along with that, Xaris also discovered a deep love and connection for Folk and Old Time music. She loved how the old songs had life of their own and had been telling the same stories for generations. Xaris still feels the same way. Relaying these old songs to audiences during her shows makes her feel like she’s doing something bigger than herself. On June 8th, 2019, at nineteen years old, she released an album of Old Time songs titled “Under The Willow”. Under The Willow was recored in Bristol, Virginia with Big Tone Records.


Right out of highschool she started traveling the country solo; just a girl and her guitar. Playing listening rooms, living rooms, and festivals, Xaris has captured the people of small town America’s ears with her melodious, high toned voice. She has been compared to Dolly Parton, Allison Krauss, and Joan Baez but has a whole other side of sound all her own. Xaris also writes her own songs. She’s played many songwriters festivals, since the age of twelve and has been featured at the 50th Anniversary Eddie’s Attic Songwriters Shootout in Decatur, Georgia. Currently living in Pittsburg, Kansas, Xaris is working on releasing her first full length album of original music in 2020.

//  Origin:  Pensacola, FL
// Current: Pittsburg, KS
//  Genres:  Folk, Old Time
//  Years Active:  2012- Present
//  Label:  BigTone Records
//  Website:  www.xariswaltman.com
Xaris Waltman is an endorsed artist for Waterloo Guitars (By Collings) out of Austin, TX and Carver Banjos USA by luthier Brian Carver.




The Bitter End - NYC

Eddies Attic - Decatur, GA

Anderson Fair - Houston, TX

The Listening Room - Nashville, TN

Sofar Sounds - St.Louis

American Legion Post 82 - Nashville, TN 

Opening Bell - Dallas, TX

Florida Folk Festival - White Springs, FL

Birthplace of Country Music - Bristol, VA

Sing Out Loud Festival - St.Augustine,FL

Pickin' On Picnic - St.Clair, MO

The Peoples Room - Mobile, AL

Label: BigTone Records | bigtone1@yahoo.com

Management: Xaris Waltman | xarismusicbooking@gmail.com

Booking: Scout Gillett | roaddogbooking@gmail.com

PR: Jessica Atkison | jessicaatkinsonbigtonerecords@outlook.com